Neu: RevolutionserFAHRungen 2019

Das neue Projekt: Revolutionserfahrungen 2019 starten wir ein neues Geschichtsprojekt! Wir wollen gemeinsam erforschen, erfahren und diskutieren, wann, warum Menschen in Europa Revolutionen gemacht haben! Egal obe 1789 in Frankreich, 1848/ 1849 in ganz Europa, in der Novemberrevolution 1918 – überall in Europa haben Menschen gegen Ausbeutung, Ungerechtigkeit und Unterdrückung […]


After a short drive from Beaumont Hamel, we reached to Thiepval. This monument was built to the missing soldiers in the Somme battle between July 1915 and March 1918. Approximately 72,000 names are written on the walls. The structure is impressive. Very large and nice landscape surrounded. The monument is […]

6. August

Am 6. August, dem 4. Tag der Tour sind wir von Lens nach Arras gefahren. Wir haben auf der Landkarte einen kleinen See bei einem Fluss gesehen, dort sind wir dann auch hingefahren. Als wir nach ca. 5 min fahren da waren, haben fast alle sofort das erfrischende Wasser spühren. […]

WWI feelings

When i think about WWI and all the events that followed,  i can understand today what happend and the reason why it happend. And it makes me sad. So today i know that many french soldiers were happy to go to war, because they thought it will all be over […]

Tale of a pond and the people who saw it

On our way to the Carriere Wellington, an old mining complex used for hiding the troops, we got to a pond in the sweet and scented air of Hauts de France on a hot summer day. Some of us  put on their big boys’ pants and chose to take on […]

Arras – Baroque after the War

The 6th of August – free time and tour in Arras Arras is the capital of the Pas-de-Calais department, which forms part of the region of Hauts-de-France. The historic centre of the Artois region, with a Baroque town square, Arras is located in Northern France at the confluence of the Scarpe river and the Crinchon River. After […]

Potsdam – a land of gardens, parks, palaces and lakes

August 11th – Relaxed Excursion in Potsdam with Petar as a guide While Potsdam enjoys a slower pace of life than neighbouring Berlin, it is a capital in its own right; it is, after all, Brandenburg’s capital and largest city. You may think the only thing interesting about this city […]

Kummersdorf – Welcome to the Dead Zone

August 16th – Driving to Kummersdorf (11km) One hour of easy driving. We came to Kummersdorf where a guide waited for us and slowly introduced us the story of Kummersdorf. A huge concrete wall with a barbed wire, a Lebensgefahr! (risk of death) sings everywhere and a DEAD ZONE inscription at […]

Notre-Dame de Lorette

Sunday 5 August. Under an unrelenting sun, we visited one of the most prominent war memorials in the North of France, namely Notre-Dame de Lorette. Every museum and memorial we visited during the bike tour was potent with the horrors of the Great War and the memory of its victims, […]