Serbia craves for revolution

“Long-term slavery and bad administration can confuse and so much distort the understanding of a nation that common sense and right judgment weaken and fragile it, and completely pervert it. Such a deranged nation can no longer distinguish not only good from evil, but also its own benifit from obvious harm.” Ivo Andric, serbian Nobel prize winner.

Revolution in my country would be the crown of our rich history. Serbs as combat poeople have always fought for their identity and country through the history. Having undergone slavery followed by liberation from the Ottoman Turks and Habsburg Monarchy through the Balkan wars and in the 19th century, Serbia finally became a modern country that was appriciated in Europe in political and cultural sense.
Becoming a republic after the Second World War, within the Yugoslav federation, Serbia gained its independence after the dissolution of the country and civil wars at the end of the 20th century.
History has taught us that the way to liberation leads trough resistance, disobedience, patriotism against any kind of authority. Nowdays we are not under any authority as back then, trough history, fighting with swords or guns for freedom, but under the political violence and censorship of media and speech freedom that we have to fight with equal force as our ancestors.
In late 2018, series of peaceful protests over the rise of political violence and against the rule of Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic and his governing party began to take place in the Serbian capital of Belgrade, soon spreading to cities across country. The methods we use are civil disobedience, riot, occupation of administrative buildings and internet activism are still not enough! That is why we need a revolution. Peaceful present protests will not bring us to the freedom that we need as grandchildern of our brave ancestors.

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