2019…Time for another revolution

It the end of august and we got to know Maximilian Dortu in an one and a half hour guided tour in Potsdam about him and his short life of aktive standing up for what he belived was right… and beeing executet for it at the age of 23.

But for me today… and actually the past few years are more about “todays issues”. So when i walk through town i see alot of cigaretts on the ground, plastic wrapping and other rubbish, thats bad for living organisms and for its just a pain in the eye. Pollution in the air, in the ocean, in the streets and seemingly in the hearts, too. Seemingly without interest or concerns people walk by or ignore it and that is in fact scary, isnt it their base of existence thats beeing harmed. Talking about climate change, atomic waste or even palstic. There is a bunch of components threatening not just live of a few humand, but entire species, actually most of animal and nature life as we know it, is about to become extinct, by that suicidal behaviour of humans.

Earlier this year I met some friends of the Potsdammer Projekthaus for the protests against coal digging in Garzwheiler and fossil fueled energy. It was an intense experiance, but for me it was worth it and im willing do more if no action is done. And like two weeks ago, the amazonian rainforest got caught on fire… and it’s still. What does that have to do with revolution? Well, not only do we burn fossil energyresources, but at the same time we decimate on of the few most important ecosystems on earth that can kind of deal with the damage done. The other big part is algea from the ocean, transforming CO² and even those two huge ecosystems are under attac by humans, and i think they can’t take it much longer. Therefore we, as humanity are in need of a big revolution, practically worlwide and instantly. Its not to late, nor ist it acceptable to just give up and not do anything. That wouldn’t be right, taking into consideration, that we have a certain responsibility towards coming generations, not to mention our fellow humans and even more important (if you ask me) our surrounding habitat, nature, which is serving us with nice living conditions.

There is so much information on the internet about fakcts and stuff to get involved.
If France with the yellow vests, Hong Kong with their riots, Germany and other countries world wide with FridaysForFuture and friends.

But even for less aktive people, non violent-resistance like boycotting certain roducts would make a big difference. Nestle privatising waterreserves in africa and southamerica, big kapitalistic companies byung and cutting down rainforest (also using fire) and slauthering and blackmailing indigenous people just to create endless rows of monocultered palm oil, GMO soy crops and if the soil is not to use anymore a big mass production place for beef is set up.

The big R’s of zero waste: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot
are a good way to take your responsibilitie for your part in the big circle of life.
And something i keep in mind since a few years now is: I have a big influence in economy and politics if I actively decide who I give my money to, is it a big company paying another big company for their unethical and unecological produced goods? Or is it my local farmer selling me products I might be able to see growing, or maybe a company supporting fair payment and have big quality standarts.

We have enough problems, and there is already enough money and sience and thechnology to resolve them, at the moment the critical mass just lacks of willpower to make the big changes, which have to be quite radical, because we have been waiting for too long and dont have much time left.


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